Some thoughts…

What’s been rattling around my noggin lately?

-Fasting is always an interesting time, mostly because of the crap that starts to rise up from the depths of me and rear its ugly little head. I’m talking about old, sinful bents and habits that had been laying dormant – they start to rise up and you get to kill them off. Toss in weaning one’s self off of the afternoon Mtn Dew and eventually coffee, so that makes for a crazy time physically and emotionally and even spiritually. But…lots of water and warm socks definitely make it a little more tolerable.

-As a part of this fast, I deactivated my Facebook last night. That was a huge stretch for me because I had never done anything like that before, but I’m also glad that I did because I needed to get away from it. It’s strange, but I know that I will probably be rocked to my core the next few weeks and I want to be as close as possible to Jesus. My focus needs to be on Him. If I have to toss aside one temporary thing just so I could have Him, then so be it. This earth has nothing for me.

-Balance and reconciliation are two words that have been coming up a lot lately. I still don’t understand what they mean, but He does. I just pray that I have the strength and ability to step back and not force anything that’s out of His will or timing. Though I do enjoy being random in the midst of waiting.

November was a strange month for me last year. It might be almost as strange this year. But whatever happens, it happens because God has this and He is running the show.


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