Some More Thoughts

-This blog has become a place of release for me; to give voice to some of the silent thoughts in my head. Life isn’t pretty. It’s messy 99% of the time and I don’t want to give off the illusion that its all rainbows and happy puppies and kittens with Jesus. There are times where it’s a battle and there is a beauty within that struggle when you’re drawing closer to Him. He brings joy to all seasons that we go through and while it doesn’t make sense to me most of the time, I know that He is worth the battle.

-It seems that things are changing in my life, almost like a season of transition for me. I only know of bits and pieces that are changing, but still. It’s change and sometimes I don’t handle change too well. I have a tendency to become lazy and even though change frustrates me and causes me to be hateful and ornery, its a good thing most of the time.

-Another thing that has changed for me recently is the whole mentor-mentoree thing. In the midst of a conversation last week, I found myself becoming tired of performing and having to take on a mentor role and ready to relax. I had come to a place where I was ready to open up and be known. I’ll admit that I had spent a good part of the afternoon trying to read this friend until I realized that she was constantly being read by so many around her and there was no need for me to try and read her. I just needed to enjoy the moment and the calm silence and the friendship. After admitting that, there was a freedom in that confession and release. It was such a good thing for me.


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