Three Years Ago

My woozy-headed father is on oxygen now…they cut back on his meds since it’s affecting his balance and he and my mom will meet with the doctor on Thursday and talk about whether or not to continue the chemo for his liver.
Posted on Facebook 12/15/09 9:07 pm

Just lost one of my black plugs for gauges down the drain. Cuss cuss cuss cuss cuss.”
Posted on Twitter 12/15/09 10:46 pm

I read these two posts from three years ago this morning and the first thought that came to mind was “I was a dumbass. While dad was dying, I whined about losing a piece of plastic down the drain.”

It’s proof that even at 28, someone isn’t mature. I had been on a streak of immaturity that had been going for years and I was okay with it because I was lazy. The friends I hung around with were lazy and immature too; but three years ago, that started to change.

It’s amazing what trials and testing and the shaking that God does will do to someone. Onward we go on the path to maturity.


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